"It's lovely music, played beautifully by each...very together!" -Lee Konitz

Synergy - Jazz Duets for Piano and Flute
Synergy represents the long standing artistic vision and friendship of pianist Miles Black and flutist Tom Keenlyside. The music is melodic and spontaneous; it roams the jazz landscape with passion and authority. Black and Keenlyside play together with contrapuntal grace, weaving through challenging harmonic structures steeped in the jazz tradition.

Synergy - Tracks
1. Murphy's Law
2. House of Cards
3. Samur-Eye
4. Clear September
5. The Fox and Crow
6. Rose Waltz
7. Motel 16
8. Memoire
9. Golden You
10. Sparrow's Tale
11. Orinoco
12. Chai Dig
13. Conclusion

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