Best Contemporary Jazz Album of the Year - Juno 2008 Nominee! (Read press release)

Metaphora - Altered Laws Jazz Quartet
Metaphora explores many sounds - Latin, pop, Brazilian, mainstream and avant-garde jazz, - subtly at times, and others with intense forward-drive. The compositions (originals by Black and Keenlyside) are all melodic, as are the phrases and solos of the musicians, but melody can be hypnotic, light-hearted, surreal, eager, it can lurk just around the bend - such as in the track “One O’ Clock Slump,” and it can soothe heart and soul as we lay our worries by the wayside - such as in “Back Bacon." Metaphora is a wayfare through jazz in its many forms as played by expert musicians.

Metaphora - Tracks
1. It’s Real
2. Pablo
3. Olinda
4. One O’ Clock Slump
5. Mind the Gap
6. Isabella
7. Quando Ela Volta
8. Ozymandias
9. Back Bacon
10. Eclipse

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"Great album ... sounds wonderful!" - Paul Grant, host of CBC's Hot Air
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