Altered Laws - Jazz Quartet
"It's Real" - from "Metaphora" (2008 Juno nominee)
"Quando Ela Volta" - from "Metaphora"
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"Spiral" - from "The Outsiders" Buy CD
"The Outsiders" - from "The Outsiders"
"Spoonin" - from "The Outsiders"

Tom Keenlyside & Miles Black - Flute & Piano Duets
"Murphy's Law " - from "Synergy"
"Clear September" - from "Synergy"
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Bob Murphy Jazz Quartet
"Dancer" - from "Downtown East Side Picnic" Buy CD

Other Samples
"On A Clear Day" - from Jane Leroux's "Jazz Vistas"
"View From A Bridge" - from Skywalk's "Paradiso"
"What's Going On?" - Tom Keenlyside's arangement

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